Keep Up The Good work, but keep up the Good Name.


An artist’s biggest asset is his name. We not just help you in building that but also to keep that rolling in the market. As a DJ, Singer, Performer, Music Producer, Music Band, Stand up Comedian, Anchor or TV Artist- a good marketing is a key to success. Bollywood Overseas is India’s number one artist booking agency, as ranked by Google, which makes it easier for anyone using internet to find artists listed under us. Bollywood overseas provides you one stop marketing solutions.
We not just promote you but also make sure to make your name reach with our strategically creative campaign. We target internet marketing with our highly skilled team of professionals dedicated to Artist Marketing in Bollywood Overseas. Our main aim is to maximize the Artist reach via every digital media and with a strong PR. With our online branding and other services you not just make it easier to spread your name but also do it much more creatively.





1. Social Media Management

Social Media is the new in that has made approaching your audience easier with time. But approaching is one thing and being liked is another- and that is why you need us. With our sister firm The Branding Moguls that works exclusively in providing web solutions and digital marketing; we know just what you need. Bollywood overseas offers dedicated Social Media marketing and Social Media Page Management. We make sure the frequency and quality of your posts is maintained and with our online strategist and SMM expert team we are able to draw a good analysis of the public response and produce ahead likewise.

2.Artist Reputation Management

Fortunately or unfortunately, that which is most searched ranks high on Google’s search engine. If you already have your name on the Google but not the way you want, then we know what to do to make it right. Bollywood Overseas provide Complete Artist Reputation Management and makes sure your followers find you the way you want. Our SEO expert team knows how and what to target to manage your online reputation and we also help you towards the same.

3.Artist SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization allows Google to Read your content and rank it on its search engine. The page ranks on the Google search engine the more your name goes in the market the more would people know you. With our SEO expert team we know how to make it possible. In addition to that, being featured on Bollywood Overseas would automatically increase your ranking on Google Search Engine, since we already rank as India’s leading artist booking agency.

4.Profile Designing

Imagine your resume with your basic information and no extended details? That way you might be sending a lot of resumes for a lot longer time. A Designed Profile in Bollywood Overseas saves you from getting there. We offer you complete Profile Designing which includes designing the content. The profile would read everything about your work so far and would showcase your details in the most creative possible way, making sure that no client leaves your page under second thoughts.

5.Artist Consultancy

Bollywood Overseas came up with an idea of furnishing a one stop marketing solution for the artists, night clubs and event managers. We provide you services from marketing-promotion-online branding-web solutions-mobile solutions to making you reach the people looking for you. Thus, we know what is essential for you at what step. Bollywood Overseas provides complete Artist Consultancy- from where-to-how of introducing yourself in the market and capturing it.

6.Website and App Management

Bollywood overseas together with its sister firm The Branding Moguls provides artists from all genre the complete online branding solutions via web and mobile tools. Right from having your own website to your personalized mobile app- there is everything in the bag for you. With well designed and efficiently structured web applications we assure you of reaching not just your audience but also making it easy for your Night Clubs and Event Organisers to find you on Google. With a wide range of clients from around the globe, we promise you the best design to feature your brand identity in the best possible way.


To support your SEO ranking on Google and give your followers a constant update from your profile, we write you dedicated blogs and we make sure they all rank well on the search engines. We have dedicated bloggers who know how to build to produce reputation from content. Blogging is one of the promising ways to reach your audience, let them know about your work and which events you have been to, lately. A blog always works in favour of an artist’s reputation and with our blogging experts we know what to write about and how.
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