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Robby Rai

The 20 yrs old young and magnificent artist from Nairobi, Kenya, started making music right from the age of 18. Hip-hop, RnB and Dance Beats had been some of his genres of creation, giving him a kick into the arena of music and the foray didn’t seem to curb since then. If they had Robby’s in early times, Devdas wouldn’t have dropped down at liquor for euphoria.

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Over the eons music has evolved phenomenally. In retro it was lyrics and voice that made a song, later in 80’s the varied notes, instruments and chorus were the new versions of music. With the trending 90’s music entailed a new definition with remixes of the old ones, while the last decade has been all about mixing. Gone are the days when music was all that made you to close your eyes in the name of an old beloved but instead a mode to fetch you out from the cold- old mode and tap your heels in merry, and DJ Robby is the answer to all the bad mood struck scowls, for his music could set it all.

The 20 yrs old young and magnificent artist from Nairobi, Kenya, started making music right from the age of 18. Hip-hop, RnB and Dance Beats had been some of his genres of creation, giving him a kick into the arena of music and the foray didn’t seem to curb since then. If they had Robby’s in early times, Devdas wouldn’t have dropped down at liquor for euphoria.

His passion and dedication to music has lead him creating magic in the world of mixing, which is more than just mixing, an art to him. He set his foot into this art in his 19 making Bollywood remixes. Appreciated by many his art was brought to notice by a local radio station in Kenya, Sound Asia FM. Since then the remixes have made a constant breakthrough at the station along with his mash ups. DJ Robby has a heart for all music types and is passionate in what he does. Every creation counts for making the crowd forget the rest and bring heat to the dance floor. As much as creating and mixing his love for listening to music is not any less. With his heart of a lover, hands of a DJ and ears of a poet he possesses the foot of a player and soul of an explorer with football, athletics and travelling making in the list of his other interests.

He has always been fond of learning and bringing in action his latest knowledge of music transiting with the varied taste of public and composers.

Robby has been playing across the world around a number of clubs and parties, increment his fanfare with date. With every scratch on the disc he has the audience cheering his name and has immensely growing his popularity with every show.

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Zestty, born Nandish Patel, is the up and coming EDM and Bollywood producer located in the Philadelphia area. His productions have been instantaneously popular and holds high regard to the quality of detail in his work. Both a master of production and DJ’ing, Zestty incorporates high energy with a brilliant live performance.

Zestty's Biography

Zestty, born Nandish Patel, is the up and coming EDM and Bollywood producer located in the Philadelphia area.This energy will be self evident in the productions that make you want to turn the decibels of your stereo even higher, and would be sure to grasp your attention. Classy and tasteful, yet fun and exhilarating; Zestty has been under the watch of the best DJ’s around the world that play his tracks for their audiences.

Unlike most DJ’s or producers, Zestty has the assiduous talent of merging a live performance with self altered sounds. Gone are the days when a DJ plays a few emotionless tracks back to back. Zestty combines atmosphere with emotions and music. Totally unparallelled, Zestty is sure to come up on your playlist or a venue near you.

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Welcome to the world of DJs and shake hands with the “maître de ce monde”– master of this world – DJ Tejas!!! A self-made success icon frequently embossed on “Page 3” of various newspapers, DJ Tejas is a charming music- magician with a very absorbing history of how he came to be a DJ : to begin with, he started playing with editing-software’s. As he got amused with these empirical ventures, he initially developed about 50 numbers and started distributing them in private parties.

DJ Tejas Biography

DJ Tejas brought home some music production software and later started learning by himself and practicing through renting equipments from other DJs. This lasted for about an year while he mastered his hand on many different skills.He pitched in with college functions such as fashion shows and fresher’s parties which made him popular tout de suite!

Then began the real journey where he followed a 6 months’ formation in Delhi and succeeded in making 10 of the most played DJ titles in India… once on road, his “sawari” doesn’t break… and it’s the same way in his parties where we just don’t stop banging.DJ Tejas is a music-machine:you name it and he produces it out of his “potali DJki”– bollywood, pop, house, psy-chill, lounge, asian underground and what not…

DJ Tejas music becomes food for both heart and soul. Lights, sound, drinks, high hills and short robes, expensive perfumes and lavish voitures with chauffeur, big brands, beach or desert, underground or terrace, cool winter or rainy bonanza, he throws his parties into an extravaganza that never could be attained by anyone else.

This unique style makes DJ Tejas a singular player of his sort and his fame flies across the globe:BBC Online Radio ranked his number in Friction’s “Electro East” lising for several days. Generation Radio Heuston (USA) and Ethnotechno 24 hours online radio play his number which grow more and more popular everyday. His masterpieces are always boomed “once more” in the popular clubs of the UK, the USA, Dubai and India.

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DJ Sonica started her carrier as a DJ in the year of 2007 ! Known as a female to take the lead as a DJ for the first time in Bangladesh ! Throughout her carrier she has been working in every possible arena to accomplish that magical skill to make any type of crowd jump on their feet with her groovy beats !

DJ Sonica Biography

Starting from the road side shows to the biggest event such as the opening ceremony of ICC WORLD CUP 2011″.DJ Sonica the glamorous diva has also been a successful, anchor, actress, and model apart from DJ.
Started her carrier in 2007, she took DJ training and learnt production from DJ sunzone based in Thailand.
She has done shows in Bangkok; she has been working on solo album, writing and tuning songs. She has also performed with Suketu, AKS, Sonu Nigam, Bombay Vikings, Hard Kaur, Bally Sagoo. Playing along with big names she has also performed in WORLD CUP 2011 opening ceremony many other corporate events..

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DJ Smita is a Bollywood / House DJ, Producer and Remixer from Pune with excellent credentials. Her successful DJ career has seen her play in some of the most prestigious clubs in India and around India consistently wowing crowds with her technically brilliant, distinctly unique mixing style and energy behind the decks.

DJ Smita Biography

DJ Smita has surely been the the girl on a mission to make her mark on the music scene that she has covered more ground than many of her peers in a very short span of time . She has an impressive list of remixes she has been producing for more than a year now.
DJ Smita’s successful Bollywood remixes has been riding high in clubs across India and around India along with most being tagged as club favourite mixes like Kabhi Kabhi Aditi, Aai Paapi, Chori Chori ,Mit Jaaye, Tu Tu Hai Wahi and the best mix of Bachna Aey Haseeno so far with DJ NYK which has been aired by bbc asian network.
DJ Smita’s skills and creativity with music production has been a catch and is an add on to her DJing skills n so has brought her acclaim in the music business. Music has always been her biggest passion and she is India’s first Female DJ who is also a bollywood Remixer and Music Producer.

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DJ Shadow has emerged to be one of the finest DJs from Dubai, and is currently theresident DJ of No.1 Desi at Club Sensation. He has been awarded the “BEST ASIAN DJ” at the Masala Awards 2010. Back from an amazing summer schedule which included a 6-city Australia / New Zealand tour with Imran Khan and a 12-city Asia Tour, DJ Shadow is all set to rock Dubai again. DJ Shadow’s official album “Tera Saath Hai Kitna Pyaara” has released under Times Music all over India and under Musicbox in the Middle East in 2011.

DJ Shadow Biography

DJ Shadow’s has also been the resident DJ of the Asian Nights at Elegante, Kandy Club, Chi, Trilogy, Alpha, Mix, Platinum, Gold Lounge in Dubai & Desibel and Desilicious in Bahrain. DJ Shadow has also done official productions for artists including Jay Sean, Anushka Manchanda, RDB, Rishi Rich, H-Dhami and Sona Family.His official remixes for Jay Sean’s Stay and Jay Sean’s Tonight has been A-listed on the BBC UK Asian Network for months in a row.

He has also debuted in Bollywood with remixes for the movies Diwangi Ne Hadh Kar Di and Yeh Dooriyan. Having spun at the biggest Asian nights in Middle East and having performed with Rishi Rich, Jay Sean,Juggy D,Veronica,Raghav,Atif Aslam,Bombay Rockers,Junoon,Bally Sagoo,DJ Aqeel, DJ Akbar Sami, DJ Suketu,DJ Nasha,DJ Notorious, Panjabi MC,RDB,Dr Zeus,Sona Family, Jazzy B, Call,Roxen and many others, he has proved that he will be the next big superstar DJ.

DJ Shadow is a pioneer in the regional music scene. Changing his music style to adapt to the need of the times has ensured a steady growth in his popularity. His in-depth knowledge of music is confirmed by the fact that he was a regular feature writer of Infusion and Play Magazine. DJ Shadow ensured that his readers get the latest and up-to-date insight on the happenings of the local nights scene, as well as reviewing the latest and trendiest music albums to hit the scene.

He has also had features in Khaleej Times and Gulf News. He has also been interviewed on Zee Arabiya, Radio 4 FM,City FM,Campus Journal,Pehla Magazine,Emirates Today,Gulf News, E-Plus,Sony TV,Brit Asia TV and RDB TV.

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The musical arena has evolved over the years from disco to trance to hip hop music and India is a country which has always been the combination of all the sprouting at a gradual phase over the years. Similarly there is a hidden talent which has been maturing over the years and is now becoming a synonym for music. DJ Rink is a 21st century character, now titled as DJ Rink.

DJ Rink Biography

DJ Rink is someone who turns everyone pink with her aura, her captivating beauty and above all the class of tracks which she plays and composes. Her music can make dead come alive. DJ Rink is a root in the entertainment industry since many years. She by profession has organized various Techno-Music and DJ events in the country.
DJ Rink also happens to be a compere. Rink has been DJ’ing at the most renowned clubs in India and Internationally. Locally she has been spinning her music at various events, clubs, college festival, corporate parties and launches and to add to it DJ Rink is a prominent face in media world. She has also featured in video tracks of DJ Remixes and been interviewed by various Radio channels and her performance has made a mark in various newspapers around the globe.

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There are great DJ’s and there are great producers. Never standing still, NYK is one of the rare breed that have always excelled as both. As happy on stage at the globe’s finest Clubs as he is burrowed in his New Delhi studio, the dedicated artist never fails to pour every drop of his passion into each project he takes on. And his energy never goes unnoticed. Dj Nyk, aka Nikhil Sahni, is the personification of all that’s cool without being over the top and all that’s classy without being ostentatious! Times have moved on and Nyk has moved well ahead of them.

DJ NYK Biography

Within a short span of 4 years Dj Nyk has effectively silenced critics and won the hearts of the gurus of good music and the masses alike. Who have branded him as the “KING OF REMIXES “. NYK continues to ride high at the pinnacle of the modern dance movement both as a DJ and, more importantly, a producer. Nyk as a producer has never buckled himself to any particular genre alone. Even way before his production had conquered the globe’s dancefloors, he had already experimented with ambient , chill out , house , euro trance productions and even drum and bass and Breakbeats .

At the young and ripe age of 24 , Dj Nyk is already a sensation, a phenomenon to be reckoned with!!! His multiple performances across the globe have received wide reviews and today Dj NYK has been the cynosure of all who have an ear for quality. The indisputable appeal of his art can be adjudged from the fact that his mixes are regularly played in clubs all over the US, UK, Australia, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong , Bangkok , Malaysia , Indonesia and of course, back home in India. NYK’s first Official International Remix ” HAZE ” on Gold Series Records ( Canada ) got support from International biggies including Current World # 9 DJ GARETH EMERY who featured it on his weekly podcast .

NYK recently made his debut in Bollywood as a music producer/ remixer with Shahrukh Khan’s movie ” Billu Barber ” which is out on India’s leading music label T – Series . Some of the other mainstream Bollywood releases are Jai Veeru , Runway , Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani , De Dana Dan and soon to be released CLIQ . Recently an honour has been bestowed upon DJ NYK by the Japanese concern ” PIONEER ” who have chosen him as their BRAND AMBASSADOR / OFFICIAL DJ for INDIA . Now having worked in the industry for just 4 yrs , NYK has earned the respect from fellow Dance music producers , djs , and fans all over the world for his commitment to bringing quality music through his signature electronic dance music productions and numerous dj sets worldwide.

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Today in the underground and official bollywood remixing scene, this name has turned out to be quite noticed by everyone. Dj Lijo entered the remixing industry and shattered all norms of bollywood remixing style. The freshness of sounds and the electronic touch to each and every mixes of his, got him the name and recognition he has today.

DJ Lijo Biography

DJ Lijo started getting noticed by not only small time dj’s or crowd but also he and his mixes became a topic among all successful dj’s and producers. It all started at a tender age of 17 with his great passion for music, and watching his friends spinning and making the crowd go crazy to their tunes, got him to the djing industry,and right from the very first day of his djing, EDM was one genre which he loved spinning and listening to.
In the process of mastering the djing skills DJ Lijo developed the craving for production and started producing tracks. But unlike all other dj’s and producers, it didn’t take him years to get noticed by the masses, it was only because of his genre and the kind of sounds he used to produce.

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Music truly holds no barriers for anyone. To fuse tunes, lyrics and beat as one melody demands flair, devotion and that extra effort. After all, creating music is essentially about bringing people together as one to savour the bliss and celebration called life. To create and re-create music in styles that proffers variations, moods and originality requires nothing less than ingenuity. DJ’s around the world are now spinning beats that make us move and groove – no wonder then that the world has recognized their art and is looking up to those with serious potential! One such power-house is DJ Jaya! Welcome to her world of music where trend, tune and technique merge mutually as one. Versatile, gifted and charismatic are words that best describe DJ Jaya.

DJ Jaya Biography

A thorough artist and stellar performer, this Kolkata talent-house is rapidly climbing the ladder up towards success and recognition. Born as Jaya Melwani, this 25 year old young star has been rocking dance floors across Kolkata and is keeping the trend alive in Mumbai these days. Aspiring to redefine the term ‘DJ’, this sporty diva is not just a music maker but also a dancer to the core as well.
Starting humbly, this uber-cool DJ was always interested in music as a child. While growing up, she realized her forte and capabilities and decided to contribute in the world of DJing and music. With her strong will, focus and dedication, she ventured in this field eager to learn, explore and eventually make her presence felt. And since the day she made her mind on this, she hasn’t stopped banging hits! With full support from her parents,Jaya has now been able to establish herself as a professional DJ of repute, talent and grace.
DJ Jaya has earned loads of recognition by spinning discs as a resident dj at Bling(Mumbai), Tantra & Soho (Kolkata) . Besides these, she has a plethora of milestones to her credit – some being playing fabulous music at top-class clubs such as Aqua (Kolkata), Roxy (Kolkata), Fusion (Kolkata), Stadell (Kolkata), Vizag-Park (Vizag), Club Edge (Hyderabad), Twist(Mumbai), Aurus(Mumbai), Royal Mirage(Delhi). Besides these, scratching dics at celebrity parties is a part of every DJ’s live, of course – and it is no different for DJ Jaya as well. The vivacious entertainer has entertained guests at Kangana Ranaut’s birthday bash, performed at Rock On premiere, pleased visitors at Saif & Kareena’s anniversary, performed with Bally Sagoo, Rap Artist Bohemia, played for ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamwar’, worked and performed with DJ Aqeel . After charming people and rocking every throbbing part of the country, DJ Jaya played at Aqua fuego an elite club in Bahrain.
So what’s her craft, you may wonder. Well, the answer would be a mélange of everything! Yup, from Bollywood, pop, house, psy-chill, lounge, asian underground and the works – DJ Jaya has her hands full! So, extravagance, choices with loads of action and fun is all that’s in store for you at a party where DJ Jayarules.Music is an inseparable passion for Jaya: a thing she has immersed herself in. She believes that life as a lady DJ is certainly not easy but in the end it is only hard work, talent, attitude and love for the job that courts.

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