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AKS is a music composer, arranger and re mixer, born and brought up in Dubai. Originally from Bangladesh, he has emerged as a popular musician in the Bollywood and International Music Scene. Aks has Produced and performed in Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa and Dhaka. He has performed with DJ Suketu at the War of the DJs Finale as Guest Djs held at the Yash Raj Film Studios.2006.

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AKS (meaning “reflection” in Urdu) is a Dubai based DJ, Music Producer, Performing Artist and Engineer and Songwriter. Abdul Karim Siraji, popularly known as AKS was born on 1st December 1983 in Bangladesh. His rendezvous with music started growing up in a multicultural city like Dubai. His odyssey began as soon as his fingers were able to touch the piano keys. He then further ventured into music arranging after being introduced to Digital music production by DJ KV (Dubai Trance Underground). Experimenting with new recording and mixing techniques at that time, he developed his own unique style to produce music with his distinct style. Eventually he took up music professionally and moved to Mumbai and joined two times MTV Immies winner DJ Suketu as music arranger and engineer. They shared a great working relationship. Together they produced path-breaking remixes in the history of Bollywood remixes. Despite being popular for Bollywood remixes he has always been interested in the process of creating electronic music and achieving international sound in all genres of music. His interest in music production and vocal arrangement made him realize that there was an opportunity for his unique ability to fuse and connect Desi and International music. After years of hard work and drive in the music production space, his production today has become his trademark sign. He believes that his music is a gift and it defines him as a person. He believes that being a non-trained musician allows him to dabble with all kinds of musical influences. He is exposed and aware of every school of music thus not feeling restricted in his productions.

AKS released his first Beatport Release called “Conspiracy” in the album titled “One Wave” on Footmusic Records. In 2012 he composed a song dedicated to the World Cup 2011 called “Play for the Game” recorded in five different languages (English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Sinhalese) which got a massive 300,000 views on Youtube within a month of its release. In 2008 he co-produced the Desi remix version of Sean Kingston’s Bollywood Girls (Beautiful Girls) and was the most voted mix on desihits.ocm

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