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Dj Angel always been passionate about music since she was in school, She was a Drummer in school. Apart from being a Famous Dj She is a Famous Fashion Stylist of B-Town. Her Remixes are so famous they have been Played in Chicago, Toronto, Dubai, Dhaka,Bahrain ,Mauritius (Radio Stations) BBC UK Bobby Friction Show etc. DJ Angel has performed at the most renowned clubs in India and internationally. Locally she has been spinning her music at various events, clubs, college festival, corporate parties and launches and to add to it is a prominent face in media world.

DJ Angel

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this FEMALE DJ, who has dominated the club & music industry scene. While sweet & genuine as can be a rare personality trait in the music industry but RAW with pure mixing talent, Dj Angel has proven over the years, that she can read the audience and keep them dancing, Her style of music is unique & accessible. Added with experience in the club & Private parties, this FEMALE DJ has begun to saturate the Club & Remix industry, with her ever-adapting styles & techniques.
It started in 2007, Dj Angel felt & responded to her calling for a FEMALE DJ, to hit the club scene next to her inspirational male counterparts. Spinning genres of has proven over the years, that Dj Angel can make any crowd go gaga… She has a versatile & dynamic personality… Bollywood, House & Commercial music, the need to add more, sounds of new HOUSE, BOLLYWOOD & COMMERCIAL to her already proven reputation, only enhanced her abilities to continue her reputation as a serious Best Female Dj, of course not to be taken lightly by anyone.
Her philosophy of incorporation not one style but different styles of House, Bollywood & Commercial that blends well, only ceases to amaze people of her mental ability required to be a true DJ with the art form of skilled mixing. She has also featured in video tracks of DJ Remixes and been interviewed by various Radio channels, Magazines like Enlighten India, India Today and her performance has made a mark in various newspapers around the globe.She is the one and the only India female dj who’s remixes was featured on bobby friction show on BBC UK radio Station in 2010 March for continuously for 2 weeks…

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