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Today in the underground and official bollywood remixing scene, this name has turned out to be quite noticed by everyone. Dj Lijo entered the remixing industry and shattered all norms of bollywood remixing style. The freshness of sounds and the electronic touch to each and every mixes of his, got him the name and recognition he has today.

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DJ Lijo started getting noticed by not only small time dj’s or crowd but also he and his mixes became a topic among all successful dj’s and producers. It all started at a tender age of 17 with his great passion for music, and watching his friends spinning and making the crowd go crazy to their tunes, got him to the djing industry,and right from the very first day of his djing, EDM was one genre which he loved spinning and listening to.
In the process of mastering the djing skills DJ Lijo developed the craving for production and started producing tracks. But unlike all other dj’s and producers, it didn’t take him years to get noticed by the masses, it was only because of his genre and the kind of sounds he used to produce.

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