Do I Really Need Artist Promotion?


Concept behind Artist Promotion

No artist can deny the importance of image branding. Today’s artists have to face a tough competition from other artists and are challenged to create more compelling and creative ways to market themselves.

Now before you complain that you are a better artist with good music and don’t need any ordinary artist promotion, let us make you clear that artist promotion does not make your music good, but only helps your good music to reach the hungry ears. I mean what good a musician is doing if he is not taking necessary steps to spark interest in people for the music he himself has chosen.

Every day we get hundreds of mails from people all over inquiring how to promote themselves as an artist.

We received this question today from DJ Sandy (name changed). Now Sandy is working for his DJ booking services and he is a music artist himself. He is working on his website, branding, music altogether and has not received much of success. He asked-

“Do I really need to be on every networking site? Is this what promotion is all about? I have my profile pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Do I have to make profiles on hundreds of websites similar to YouTube and then hundreds of websites similar to Facebook? I don’t have time for all this and I don’t really think this is really helpful. Please suggest me?”

This is the most common concern of most of the music artist and practically anyone who wants to promote himself.

Here is what we think- we say you don’t have to do anything and you don’t have to be on Internet also. But before you read this, you already have created your website and also have Facebook and Twitter pages. Now tell me why did you create a website, Facebook and Twitter profiles in the first place? We assume the answer to be that you wanted to reach people so that they find you online. And you wanted to send those people to visit your Facebook or YouTube accounts to hear or buy your music and stuff.

Now why should you be on similar sites like Facebook and YouTube? We say for the same reason that people finds you.

The world is not shrinking with Internet in-fact getting bigger. You don’t know where your audience would be sitting and what is he looking for.

Getting a “Web Presence” is the biggest thing today for everyone whether be it a musician or any other business.

If you are working so hard to create and record music, won’t you bother if someone else with not so good music gets more success just because of better marketing? We would say spending time on your music is worthless if you don’t invest deserving time in music promotion.

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