Featuring Zestty (USA) : Bringing Bollywood and Western Music on One Plate

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There is something about music that’s so difficult to rationalize and reason why we love them. The metals, the drums, the guitars and the claps are all that can irritate you and can also rejuvenate you if done skillfully.

Introducing Zestty:

Born as Nandish Patel, Zestty is a promising musician incorporating high level of energy rocking any live performance. Already popular in Philadelphia area, the work of Zestty is something not every person can comprehend technically and that’s what gives his music a subtle rawness and wildness.

Listening to some of his compositions, I thought his work was too artsy or intellectual. Hard to analyze, but felt a sincere appreciation for the music, I concluded he has a smart understanding and ability to integrate the eastern and western styles of music so naturally that can be loved by both modern and classical music lovers.

A very gifted musician for sure Zestty is also very crafty with his DJing skills. With his unique sense of mixing Hollywood music with Bollywood tadka, his songs are in a great demand with discotheques, event organizers and top music production houses.

Its our mission to connect Djs, Music Producers & Passionate music lovers with no bars of geographical boundaries. In this global mission, we had already introduced you Bollywood DJ’s/Music Producers from INDIA | PAKISTAN | U.A.E | AUSTRALIA | U.K. And now its the time for United States of America (USA).

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This report has been covered by Anupam Janwasia (Marketing Advisor) exclusively for BollywoodOverseas.