Simple & Effective Steps to Promote Yourself as an Artist

3 Simple Steps For Artist Promotion-bollywoodoverseas

For any artist in the world, no matter how exceptionally talented he may be, artist promotion is a necessity. Whether you are a music artist, singer, DJ or a band, promoting yourself is imperative for branding and creating a public image for yourself.

As an upcoming artist, many ignore the professional branding/promotion services and stick to their traditional online music promotion strategy which results in less popularity and you get an image of a cold artist because first impression is the last impression, definitely in this kind of industry. There are good reasons to take online music promotion seriously.

Here are some key objectives of Artist Promotion

  • Step up your Popularity meter.
  • Increasing fan base.
  • Creating the demand of your art as an artist.
  • Increase in visibility and networking with potential clients.
  • Maintain relationships with fans and existing clients.

Although there are various ways an artist can promote music online, but here I am summarizing few very small details which are usually overlooked while marketing:


Ideally, your image is going to be displayed on most popular social networking sites viz. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, etc. Make sure the size of photo is appropriate to fit on all of these sites. 500*500 pixel size is generally good. Moreover, it should be an attractive photo, image or an alluring graphic with some text on it conveying more about your brand or a message from you as an artist can just prove to be a hit formula.


Create a post on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged. A post can be anything- an article, a flyer, images of your recent visits, or you interacting with your fans asking them for their preferred song and then working for them. This no-payment work can become a source of your free advertising and chances of getting popular or maybe viral.


Facebook marketing is the prime focus of such kind of activities as it is the world’s largest online community. It is important to have a page on Facebook, Google+, etc. You can share your posts not only on your page, but on other relevant groups and communities, also on other company/organization pages.

With many simple things like those, online music promotion can be an easy task. Do check out the  artist promotion section of BollywoodOverseas to find out more about our professional services.